Crucial Trading Floorcoverings

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Crucial Trading is a manufacturer of floor coverings that specializes in innovative and trend-setting designs. Their commitment to creativity is reflected in the many creative designs available. Their focus on creative design, quality craftsmanship and innovative flooring products is what sets them apart from other manufacturers. Read on to learn more about the products they offer. We hope that this article has provided you with useful information. It is always better to choose a reputable company than to settle for an inferior one.

Unique Al Designs

Introducing its new hospitality collection, Crucial Trading aims to offer the customer a wide variety of stylish rugs, rugs and cushions with supreme comfort and rugged longevity. Crucial Trading’s deluxe range features a wide selection of wool colors and structures in a variety of patterns and styles, and they’re incredibly versatile. The collection features over 40 different yarn structures and 35 different colours, many of which can be combined in various combinations to create stunning designs. The company is very proud of its new designs, which have been shortlisted for the prestigious FX Design Awards 2018.

One of the ways Crucial Trading has made its products stand out is through innovative processes. They were the first company in the UK to create sisool yarn, which combines tactile sisal with soft wool to create a new trend in flooring. As a result of their unique blend of natural fibers and sophisticated design, Crucial Trading products are suitable for both high-end and modern homes. And as a result, they are now available in showrooms across the UK.

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natural materials

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Two showrooms in London

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Crucial Trading has expanded into two showrooms in London. Located in the Chelsea Design Quarter, the company offers a wide range of rugs and other floor coverings. Crucial Trading also offers bespoke rug manufacturing and has its own workshop in Kidderminster, Shropshire. In 1991, the company moved to Mid Wales and opened offices there, giving it more room for orders and new products.

With two showrooms in London, Crucial has become a global brand. With more than 100 floor coverings and carpets, the company is committed to ensuring that its customers are satisfied with their purchase. Crucial Trading also has award winning ranges and innovative flooring such as Sisool. Crucial Trading was the first company in the UK to create this unique combination of soft wool and tactile sisal, resulting in a floor covering that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.